If Your Restaurant Refrigerator Breaks Down, Business Stops

From maintaining food temperature to chilling beverages, Mastermind Mechanical LLC is here to keep your equipment running. Your products, customer safety and reputation are at immediate risk from the moment that refrigeration temperatures drop below required levels. You risk wasted time in tracking down and scheduling a good repair company, replacement costs for spoiled product and the potential for a lawsuit if that spoiled product is presented to customers. We understand this could in fact, cost you business.

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration services for your restaurant in Las Vegas, get in touch with us today.

Our Preventative Maintenance and Repair Keep Restaurant Refrigerators Up and Running

Let Mastermind Mechanical LLC partner with your company to make sure your refrigeration equipment and reputation are protected with Mastermind Mechanical LLC experience and excellent customer service. Mastermind Mechanical LLC provides excellent service using OEM part replacement on your restaurant refrigeration equipment, foodservice equipment.

Top Quality Service Clearly Explained

We train all our technicians not only in expert refrigeration unit installation, repair and maintenance, but also in helping you, the customer understand why the work is necessary so that you are fully involved and on-board with the final decision. Not every refrigeration company has the ability to communicate with real people…ours does!

One-Year Warranty

We stand behind all of our work with an iron-clad one-year part and labor warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Keep Your Refrigerator Up and Running